E&Y Wins, Then Hangs

E&Y Wins, Then Hangs

E&Y Wins, Then Hangs

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It’s The Shred – a mini-Chad and Cheese bite of Breaking News — This is Chad Sowash

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My wife always says “Your ACTIONS are your BRAND” and I totally believe that… 

So today, it’s a “Your ACTIONS are your BRAND” SHRED of News…  In this segment we call out stupid shit companies do in front of the whole wide world.

Today we’re talking about two things that you wouldn’t think go together, but they actually do…

Thing 1

Mississippi US Senator Cindy Hyde-Smith makes a public remark while campaigning. She said in public with microphones and people all around and I quote “if he invited me to a public hanging I’d be in the front row.” close quote.

Let that sink in…..

Thing 2

Ernst & Young became a DiversityInc Hall of Fame inductee for Diversity and Inclusion

Now let’s put these two love birds together shall we?

After Cindy Hyde-Smith made the “public hanging / lynching” comment Ernst and Young donated money to the Cindy Hyde-Smith campaign. WTF? You mean the same Ernst and Young who made DiversityInc’s Hall of Fame? I know right?

The question for Ernst and Young — How can you support diversity & inclusion then donate money to the “hanging is funny” Hyde-Smith campaign in Mississippi, yes Mississippi the state most notably known for lynching. Yet, Hyde-Smith thinks “jokes” about lynching are acceptable. Maybe it’s because she attended a one of Mississippi’s segregation academies? I didn’t even know segregation academies existed.

Ernst & Young you’re on notice because – Your ACTIONS are your BRAND.

After feeling the social heat this weekend Ernst and Young have asked the Hyde-Smith campaign for their donation back, but is it too damn late Ernst and Young especially since the money was donated after the Hyde-Smith “hanging” comment.

REMEMBER… Your ACTIONS are your BRAND and we’re watching. Well that brings us to the end of this episode of stupid shit companies do when they think nobody is looking.

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