Niches Get Stitches

Think Google’s going to have an easy time taking over the world of employment? “Well, think again,” says Europe, as 23 job sites file a lawsuit against the search engine giant. What else, LinkedIn is in the news, and niche job boards may be making a comeback, assuming they can turn back the marketplace assault […]

The Dark Side of A.I.

Artificial intelligence is running amok! Someone has to police this out-of-control state of technology. Enter Miranda Bogen, a Senior Policy Analyst who focuses on the social and policy implications of machine learning and artificial intelligence, and the effect of technology platforms on civil and human rights. Plus, she really classes up the joint. Enjoy this Talroo […]

Google for Jobs Antitrust or Bust?

It’s The Shred – a mini-Chad and Cheese bite of Breaking News — This is Chad Sowash The Shred is brought to you by, check out their chatbot Dora. Dora is the recruiter’s personal robot assistant that will help them hire more candidates, faster and that’s how your company becomes more cost-efficient. Check Dora […]

Fairygodboss Co-Founder Romy Newman

Think Glassdoor has a monopoly on employee reviews? Think again. Fairygodboss is one of the hottest startups hoping to help women breakthrough the glass ceiling and inspire companies to be more transparent. In this podcast, the boys explore the current state of the business with co-founder Romy Newman, as well as reveal how employers can […]

No More

Joel: Hey guys, we’re not going to do a show this week. In light of the recent mass shootings and El Paso, and Dayton. Chad and I thought it would be better time served for the audience as well as ourselves, that we think about the world we live in, how we can make it […]

Chad & Cheese Mini-Documentary [Video]

The boys recently invaded the UK’s top recruiting conference, RecFest. Here’s what happened. Enjoy and special thanks to Talent Nexus for shooting the movie.

Entelo Rumor

The Shred is a bite-sized bit of recruitment news to help make sure you’re in-the-know, even if you’re on-the-go. Visit our sponsor today.

Talkin’ Gen Z Fuckers [Video]

More pearls from the Talent Nexus interview.

SHOTS FIRED w/ Ryan Gill

No one doubts the growth of the gig economy. By 2020, over 40 million Americans are predicted to be part of this reality. As such, platforms whose goal it is to support freelancers and solopreneurs are hotter than ever. However, not all platforms are created equal. The boys sat down with Communo CEO and co-founder […]

Recruitics, KRT Marketing: “Hold my beer.”

The hills are alive with the sound of acquisitions! The latest – Recruitics acquiring KRT Marketing – is the fourth similar deal in just a month. The boys cover the news, as well as discussing how much is sucks to be Slack right now, pane view job search, Amazon drones and Monster’s continued cluelessness. Enjoy […]

New Celebrity Outro

Guess who?

Gerry Tales V (Endgame)

Gerry Tales with industry icon Gerry Crispin was off-the-chain, and this is Part V, the last of our interview on all-things-recruiting. Enjoy, get smarter and show exclusive sponsor Nexxt some love.

Recruitics Buys KRT

Welcome to THE SHRED a quick bite of Chad & Cheese breaking news – this is Chad Sowash

This SHRED provided by our friends at Why Happy Recruiter, because you don’t want a pissed off Recruiter… Duh… Visit and check out Dora, your recruitment robot. She helps you save time and recruit more candidates –


Recruitics just acquired KRT MARKETING…

That’s right, Recruitics watched TMP’s earleir acquisition of Perengo, looked TMP dead in the eyes and said “HOLD MY BEER!”

Seriously, Recruitics jumped into the agency space with programmatic and analytic platforms while KRT mounted their scooters and nerded out on being the programmatic answer to hiring companies who can’t to this very day spell programmatic.

Here’s a quote from the press release

“With this acquisition, we (Recruitics and KRT) have combined the two fastest-growing and innovative recruitment marketing agencies to become the leading provider of talent attraction solutions for the Fortune 1000. The integration of Recruitics and KRT’s people, clients, and technology provides our customers with an unrivaled solution to help attract the best talent for their most in-demand positions.”

Personally, I love to see these kids tie the knot… I mean seriously, KRT prided themselves on being the freaks and geeks of the programmatic agency world and that’s exactly what a Recruitics needed. The portfolio, talent and now technology that just one-upped all of their agency friends and competitors.

During last week’s podcast I asked, “Was it a mistake that Recruitics went the agency route instead of focusing on being a programmatic player” and Recruitics said SHUT UP SOWASH…

Congrats Josh, Ryan, Mona and all of the Recruitics and KRT teams – I expect fireworks.

This bite of breaking news brought to you by HappyRecruiter with over 400,000 interviews and nearly 15,000 candidates in the hiring process –, because who wants a pissed off Recruiter? That’s just dumb…

Sowash OUT!

When College Breaks US Economy

$1.5 trillion in student debt is breaking students backs, but it could also break the U.S. economy. Steven and Faith Rothberg who join Chad and Julie for a look at how College affects the workforce and our economy. Is college too big of a business to fail? Are all colleges treated the same? Why aren’t […]