LinkedIn Suffers Legal Smackdown

You heard it first on The Shred, and the boys go deep into the legal case pitting hiQ against 800-lb. gorilla LinkedIn that’s left LinkedIn licking its wounds. What’s more, McDonald’s is making acquisitions that will impact workers while Walmart is working to employ teens while California says Uber drivers aren’t contract workers anymore. Oh, […]

Cult Brand: Living Your Purpose w/ Douglas Atkin

Best-selling author, branding expert and former Airbnb global head of community, Douglas Atkin, joins Chad & Cheese in their Cult Brand Series of podcasts. Enjoy this Smashfly exclusive.

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Best-Selling Author Dan Pink

You may know best-selling author Dan Pink for well known books like When, To Sell is Human and Drive, but you’ve never heard him like this. A must-listen for subscribers. Enjoy this Nexxt exclusive.

Save Conspiracy!

Grab your aluminum foil-covered cap and check-out our recent convo with Dennis Tupper, who thinks Indeed has delusions of staffing business grandeur. This is a Talroo exclusive.

LinkedIn Loses in Court

Scrape away! LinkedIn gets smacked in court. The Shred is sponsored by

Death of Video Recruiting?

Video recruiting has been touted pretty much since the dawn of the Internet. And we’re still waiting for it to be the huge success it was supposed to become. No company encapsulates this more than HireVue, who was in the news this week as the boys discuss the future of video in the recruiting game. […]

Moonlighting CEO Dumps Cold Water on Gig Economy

It’s not all confetti and rainbows in the gig economy. The Shred is sponsored by Happy Recruiter.

Save’s Masterplan?

Think you know what Indeed is up to? Well, we have someone on who might definitely know in Alex Murphy. Grab your aluminum foil hat and enjoy.

RPA! AI is for Suckas

Artificial intelligence is so last month. Meet your future in RPA.

Google Goes Limp

The Labor Day edition of this week’s Chad & Cheese Podcast is full of goodness: Hire by Google shuts it down, Entelo and ConveyIQ get cozy, AllyO may be melting down and much, much more. Enjoy and show some love to our sponsors: Sovren, JobAdx and Canvas.

Ding-Dong! Hire by Google is Dead

Welp! Didn’t see that one coming.

Coming Soon: Cult Brand Series

Chad & Cheese are turning the world of employment branding on its head.

Entelo Acquires ConveyIQ

You heard the rumors here first, but it’s official now. Here are the details. The Shred is sponsored by Dora by

Amazon’s Twitter Trolls Strike Again

Authenticity is a tough thing to come by these days, but Amazon takes things to a whole other level, and the boys hash out what’s wrong with the employers branding strategies. Oy! Plus, Stepstone wants to have its cake and eat it too, college degrees ain’t all that, Indeed goes offline with its latest product […]