Planning Online Job Ads? First Do the Math.

Planning Online Job Ads? First Do the Math.

Job advertising plans are just code words for math, lots and lots of math. The key to a good job advertising plan is understanding your data and then knowing how to translate that into solid, actionable math.  

Before you begin, make sure you can answer the Seven Key Advertising Questions, and then answer these two questions:

How many applicants do I need?What am I trying to accomplish?

Said differently, when you are looking at your recruiting needs, determine your driving force(s). These include:

Volume – we need people; how many people?Lowest Possible Cost – can we get them cheaper?Velocity – people, people now?Scarcity – every hire is a flying purple unicorn

Understanding your drivers will help you propose the right budget for the hiring goals you have.

With these answers in mind, start to think about where you are going to get those candidates.  While the temptation might be to work with as many vendors as possible, remember relationships take management, and management takes time. Instead, target a mix of top volume sites, ad exchanges, and niche boards that get you maximum coverage with limited management. By adopting this approach, you limit your exposure to job sites and avoid overspending your budget.

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