PCRecruiter 9.7.38

PCRecruiter 9.7.38

Today we’ve released PCRecruiter 9.7.38 on our hosting servers. This update resolves a variety of customer-reported issues and also contains a few new enhancements. Here are the changes you’ll find in this version:

Candidate Presentation Notifications

When you’re setting up a new template for Candidate Presentations, you’ll now have the ability to designate conditional email contacts for the notifications, including:

The email address of the user sending the presentation. The email address of the user (if any) who is associated with the candidate being presented. The email address of the user who owns the relevant position (if any).

In previous versions of PCRecruiter, any email addresses to be notified were explicitly entered as part of the template setup and did not change based on the parties involved in the individual presentation. If you’d like more information about using this feature to present candidates to your clients and hiring authorities, contact one of our support representatives.

Export Auditing Metrics

The Metrics report, which is found under Reports > Auditing, can now be exported as a CSV file for sharing or further analysis in Excel. This report allows administrators to view a count of Activities completed per User in the selected date range.

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