PCRecruiter 9.7.37 – Presentations & Themes Updates

PCRecruiter 9.7.37 – Presentations & Themes Updates

Our development team is working diligently on a number of projects, and in the latest PCRecruiter update we’ve added some new features and make improvements both on the face of the software and behind the scenes. Here’s what you’ll find…

Candidate Presentations

Our Candidate Presentations feature, which you’ll find in the overview above, allows you to send convenient, branded candidate data packages to hiring authorities. Not only do these Presentations help you communicate more efficiently, but with instant email notifications when your client has opened a Presentation or given Feedback, you’ll always be ready to reach out the moment you’re needed.

This update includes several workflow enhancements requested by our users, making it an even faster way to get feedback from your hiring authorities. As always, we invite your suggestions on this and other areas of PCRecruiter in our Ideas & Requests forum.

The Feedback box can now be moved, minimized, and re-sized so that recipients can more easily reference resumes and other presented data while entering their feedback. The Star Rating feature can be made optional or hidden entirely when a Presentation is being sent. A new toggle has been added to the menu of candidate names in the

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