PCRecruiter 9.7.36 – New Styling & Themes

PCRecruiter 9.7.36 – New Styling & Themes

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This week’s update, releasing on Wednesday, brings design revisions to PCRecruiter that improve the look, feel, and function of the system. The interface modernization you’ll find in this update is merely the first step toward a completely revised PCRecruiter UI that will be rolled out through 2020.

New Styling

You’ll see new styling that helps put the focus on your data, with clearer headings, new color highlights, revised MyPCR graphics, and fewer icons.

We’ve also taken the existing Name, Company, and Position highlight colors and extended them into Rollups, Search Results, and navigation menus. These highlights help users make more focused clicks and ease learning of the system.

Nav Improvements

The new update includes a new option to snap your Action menus to the left or right of the screen, reducing ‘mouse travel’ and making your navigation more efficient. We’ve also clarified the top/bottom frame-scaling controls, making it easier to adjust the window heights to your needs on the fly.

Color Themes

By popular demand, this release also includes user-selectable color themes. The initial round of themes include Dark Mode, an alternate Dark Mode that uses a condensed font for maximizing space on narrower screens, Grey, and Ocean Blue. More

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