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Justices narrow scope for workplace discrimination

The Supreme Court ruled Monday that employment discrimination can only be pinned on a supervisor who has the ability to hire and fire, not merely direct workplace assignments.

Introducing TheLadders Mobile App

At the beginning of the year, we started working on our first native iOS app in our mission to transform TheLadders into a mobile-first company. Considering the astounding number of consumers who own and use mobile devices to perform everyday tasks, it is not surprising that conducting a job search and corresponding with recruiters would […]

10 Posts That Will Help You Source and Recruit Better Talent Today

It’s a busy time of year for all of us. In case you’ve been too busy to check the SourceCon RSS feed every morning — don’t worry, I’ve listed some of my favorite posts below.

In-House Recruitment Insights – June

Tips, Tools, Case Studies & Events – A look at Innovative recruitment methods, a multilingual recruiting case study and the upcoming Onrec conference.

How to search and close military talent returning to the civilian workforce

Recruiting Veterans: This will be a power pack search webinar focusing on how to identify military and veteran talent as they transition into civilian employment. Community member and Veteran Dean Da Costa will walk you through a step by step recruitment and search process.

5 Ways to Promote Your Employer Brand Beyond LinkedIn

While there are plenty of reasons to make LinkedIn the hub of your talent brand strategy, many companies take a multi-platform approach. Twitter, Facebook, You Tube, SlideShare, and Pinterest all offer unique value for your brand and the list below gives you a shortcut to the pros and cons of each.

Building a Recruitment Strategy to Prepare for Growth

Building a recruitment strategy can better prepare your organization to deal with stages of growth.

Save is Battling Executive Turnover

At least eleven Fab executives have quit or been fired in the past year as well, including the company’s former CMO.

Save’s Best Places to Work for Work-Life Balance

At Indeed, we have unique insights and data on work-life balance. People not only find more jobs on Indeed than anywhere else, they also read and submit more reviews than on any other employer revi…

How a College Student Used LinkedIn Advertising to Land an Internship

Villanova University freshman Nicolette Weinbaum is spending her summer working as an intern at a tech company in New York City, thanks to an ad she placed for herself on LinkedIn.

4 Rules to Better Onboarding

Good employees can be hard to come by, and when you find that perfect candidate you want to make sure they are as happy finding you as you are finding them. There have been many an interviewer who has experienced their fair share of frustration in trying to achieve a smooth employee onboarding experience once […]

When Employers Are Liable for Harassment

The US Supremes issued their opinion in Vance v. Ball State University this morning holding that an employer is not liable for its employee’s racial or sexual harassment unless the harasser is a supervisor of the victim employee.

Avature’s Rapid Release Cycle Explained, Agility and Why it Matters to Business Execution

By: Ezequiel Vasquez, SVP Product Development Avature releases a new version of the application approximately every two weeks to every customer.  That’s no small feat when you consider this…

Social Media: The Future of Recruitment

Social media has had an overwhelming impact on everything, our everyday lives have been taken over by an obsession with keeping constantly up to date with the…