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Mastering the Thank You Letter after a Job Interview

Your job interview ends when the company has selected a candidate, making the process last much longer than the simple afternoon when you speak to an employer. To keep your interview fresh and positive, it’s best to follow up with a thank you letter that reminds the employer why you’re a great fit for their […]

Save Review

Joel Cheesman just launched, a mobile app that begins with a simple question: “How’s employee morale at your company?”

Top talent walking out the door? Here’s how to get them to stay

Show your high-performing team members that you care about their careers by implementing stay interviews.

This Google exec’s success shows how it pays off to invest in talent

Google is celebrated for its rigorously data-focused management and hiring culture. But the secret of one of its most successful executives, Sundar Pichai, lies in good old-fashioned team building. Currently a senior vice president at Google in charge of Chrome, Android, and apps, Pichai’s methods were discussed on a recent Quora thread, asking “What did…

Falling in Love (With Your Job)

Is it time to reignite the passion and spark you felt when starting your job for the first time?

Who Wants an Ebook on Social Recruiting?

iMomentous’ latest ebook on the relationship between social recruiting and how it is happening on mobile devices is now available for download.

How Not to Ask for a McDonald’s Job Application

One job seeker at McDonald’s found out what happens when you ask for a job application too aggressively.

13 Job Search Apps That Will Help You Get Hired

Looking for a new job? In a market as competitive as IT you’ve got to be connected, organized and prepared. These apps will help you stay ahead of the curve wherever you are, so you never miss an opportunity.

The Big List of Manufacturing Job Leads

Checkout out these manufacturing companies who have announced they will be hiring in the coming months. Click the company name and we will google more info on them. The View Source link lets you read the actual news article.

What Can Navy SEAL Training Teach Us About Employee Engagement and Retention?

After reading the title of this post, you might be thinking I must be off my rocker. What does Navy SEAL training have to do with employee engagement?

Healthcare Recruiting Spotlight

Healthcare recruiting will become more important to organizations, with increased emphasis on time-to-hire, cost-to-hire and candidate engagement.

Save, the Free Recruitment Software, Celebrates its First Anniversary, the European provider of free recruitment software, celebrates its very first anniversary. Today, exactly one year ago, the team released its current public beta release and a lot has happened since then.

Facebook’s New Service helps Businesses Recruit Employees

Facebook is working towards launching a new way to target ads to help businesses recruit new employees. The goal is to increase the social networks potential and move into an arena with LinkedIn, which is known for their business networking. Currently, ad targeting is based on demographic information and the types of pages individuals like […]

Your Employees Are Your Most Valuable Recruiting Tools

One asset that recruiters often overlook are the people sitting right around them in the office. Employees can be valuable recruiting tools.