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You Can’t Copy Culture

I want our company to be just like Zappos! No you don’t. First, Zappos has a very strong culture, of which, most people couldn’t handle or wouldn’t like.  They hire very specific talent based on this cultural fit and desire to be in their certain culture, it’s not for everyone.  Now drink. Yep, that’s the […]

What We Mean When We Say “Talent”

We catch a fair bit of grief in HR for using the term, Top Talent. The problem, of course, is that talent means different things to different people. Folks cannot articulate what top performers really do or they get caught up in using tired clichés. I’m gonna try to fix that for you. I think […]

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The #1 Reason Two Million People are Quitting Each Month

As much as you hate to admit it, every organization experiences turnover. It's tough when a coworker loses a colleague or a manager is without their top employee. What's even worse is that the Bureau of Labor Statistics reported that in April of 2015, …

LinkedIn Office NYC | Empire State Building Tenants – The Real Deal

LinkedIn is taking a bigger bite out of the Empire State building, adding an additional two floors for a total of 280,000 square feet. LinkedIn's new lease is for the third and 26th floors — a combined 120,000 additional square feet, the New York Post …

2 Rules About Working for Start-Ups

If you’re working at a start-up without these two protections, I’m sorry to tell you that you’re probably a chump.

10 Reasons Your Brand Needs To Be On LinkedIn – Forbes

LinkedIn can be a powerful tool for individuals and companies looking to make new connections, generate leads, and build their brand. While it's an important platform for all businesses, LinkedIn can be a true game changer for B2B (business to business …

T3 – Life Guides

This week on T3 I’m reviewing Employment Branding technology Life Guides.  Life Guides philosophy is that pretty much all candidates are Googling you to find out more about your company. In fact, there research shows that 73% of candidates report that they first Googled an employer before applying for a job. Add in sites like […]

Kathy Rapp Named President of hrQ

FOT Note: Congrats to Kathy Rapp, who recently got promoted to the role of President of hrQ! We’re so proud we wanted all of FOTNation to know… check out the press release below for more info! hrQ, an award-winning professional services firm focused exclusively on the human resources profession, announced the promotion of Kathy Rapp […]

RIP CLASSROOM TRAINING: Average YouTube Session Now 40+ Minutes Long

So you’ve resisted the trend to move some of your training to video. Well played, my friend. After all, you know how to deliver this stuff—live and in person. Whether it’s the boring items in your new-hire orientation, skill training or notes on how to not harass your teammates, there’s nothing wrong with your focus […]

Is This Part of Your LinkedIn Profile Hurting Your Job Search? | Fast Company …

A powerful LinkedIn feature is often overlooked. Here's how to get the most out of it. By Gwen Moran. When it comes to recruiting, social networks aren't going anywhere. The 2015 U.S. Recruiting Trends report from LinkedIn Talent Solutions found that …

How Software Will Transform Employee Engagement – Forbes

TinyPulse, an employee feedback system, uses a mixture of management deployed surveys and “cheers” authored by colleagues to encourage frequent communication within the company. Each week, management can send out one question that …

LinkedIn Ramps Up In Business Marketing As It Adds Lead Generation To …

LinkedIn has built up several new areas of its business to help it diversify revenues beyond premium subscriptions and job ads on its primary web site — with services like advertising now complemented by premium e-learning courses from

Pre-Employment Background Check Mistakes

Is your background check company competent?

Save Was Not A Good Acquisition For LinkedIn (LNKD)

LinkedIn (NYSE: LNKD) announced the acquisition of back in April. Investors were not too happy on that day as the stock declined 5.3% after the announcement. Nevertheless, the acquisition was met with enthusiasm from many media outlets.