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How to Make the LinkedIn Algorithm Work for You

RecTech is brought to you by WorkHere and Ever wondered how the LinkedIn news feed serves you content? In this special episode of RecTech, Chris Russell takes you behind the scene of their

Confession of an HR Manager (audio)

Here’s a great piece of audio to listen to if you work in HR. In 1998, Patty McCord joined a new company called Netflix. Her title was chief talent officer. And over the next ten years as Netflix grew (and grew), she and CEO Reed Hastings built a new kind of workplace. They threw out […]

Job Hunters are the New Consumers

What’s that line, “change is inevitable,” right? Well that change has come to the recruiting world in a big way, and as recruiters, it’s up to you to work with these changes and keep the talent pipeline into your company open, and flowing. Below you’ll find a combination of things we feel you should be […]

Glassdoor opens new office in Paris

The new Paris, France operation for the recruitment classified site joins nearby Glassdoor offices in London and Dublin. Glassdoor is headquartered in San Francisco.

LinkedIn adds new job-seeker tools

LinkedIn is having a busy year. On top of the company’s Intelligent Hiring Experience, which combines its recruiter tools LinkedIn Jobs, LinkedIn Recruiter and Pipeline Builder, LinkedIn is now rolling out some new features for job-seekers.

Roundup: PlanSource Acquired; SuccessFactors Releases Update – HCM Technology Report

This week’s roundup of product announcements and other news on HR technology. This week: Investors acquire PlanSource; a look at SuccessFactor’s release.

What’s The Impact of AI on Job Boards?

Are you interested to know how AI can influence the functionality of job boards? Providing an excellent candidate as well as employer experience is the priority of job boards. This is where AI comes into the picture. You can achieve this through a resume parser.

Talent Acquisition Software RIVS Lands Investment

HOUSTON MARCH 22, 2019, Inc. (“RIVS” or the “Company”), a leading provider of cloud-based interview and recruiting software, today announced it received a majority growth equity investment from Houston, Texas-based Clovis Point Capital, LLC (“Clovis Point”). This investment will be used to accelerate the Company’s innovation and growth, while continuing its commitment to delivering […]

Save will grow staff by 30%

The German horizontal has announced it intends to grow its staff complement by 30 percent during 2019. 

Are you ‘Manager Shaming’? #WorkHuman

Do you know what’s wrong with companies and organizations? I know the answer because I go to a lot of conferences and listen to a lot of speakers. All of them will tell you exactly what’s wrong with your organization and every other organization. Turns out we all have the exact same thing wrong! Which […]

Watch Your Body Language in an Interview & Save the Head Bobbing for Bonnaroo.

I’ve noticed a recent, frightening phenomenon. And I think I may be a perpetrator (heaven help me). In an attempt to stage a preemptive intervention, I thought there could be no better time than the present to address this odd and interesting tick–one that HR professionals, interviewers, and interviewees abuse unabashedly. The head nod. Or […]

Xing expects double-digit growth for 2019

The German business and careers network Xing — whose users are mainly from Germany, Austria, and Switzerland (DACH) — expects a double-digit percentage growth for 2019. This is according to the company’s 2018 report. 

Save launches video interviewing app

China’s second largest domestic professional social network,, has launched a new app through which job candidates and employers can conduct video interviews. The new app, called Dajie Kuaizhao (or just Kuaizhao), uses machine learning to automate candidate filtering and interview scheduling. The app is currently available on both iOS and Android.  Jobseekers on the […]

Beamery Announces ‘Behavioral Boolean’ Search Tool – HCM Technology Report

‘Behavioral Boolean’ reduces the time necessary to identify and engage talent because it more accurately gauges candidate interest and intent, says Beamery.