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Updates of job classifieds from the Commonwealth of Independent States

Since employees from the Commonwealth of Independent States change their positions and companies more and more often, recruitment classifieds react to this trend by implementing new updates. These updates cover both minor changes and more technology-focused ones.

Words matter! If you want more gender diversity in your applicants!

New data study released by LinkedIn this week titled “Language Matters Gender Diversity Report” has some awesome insight to how the words we use in job descriptions and job postings have a dramatic impact to who actually applies to jobs. We’ve known some of this for a while, but the LinkedIn data is very robust […]

How to Say Goodbye (Employee Engagement Never Ends)

How does your company say goodbye? Is it a formalized program? Left to the manager’s discretion? Do you pass the buck to HR and think all is done with an exit interview? I don’t think visiting HR and having a post employment interview is a good-bye. Not for the employee, to them, it’s process. Many times they’re […]

RChilli’s Views on HR Technology: July’19

Were you waiting for our monthly roundup post? We are happy to present a complete overview of the content we have published this month. Would you like to go through all the blogs and articles we published?

The Employee Walk of Shame

I’ve lost jobs and I’ve called old employers to see if they would want to hire me back. I’ve usually gotten a response that sounded something like, “Oh, boy would we want you back but we just don’t have anything. Good Luck!”  Many of us in the talent game talk about our employee Alumni and […]

BenefitMall Adds Administration Features to EmployerFocus – HCM Technology Report

BenefitMall enhanced its EmployerFocus product to increase the efficiency of benefits administration for both brokers and clients.

Baker named PandoLogic CEO; company’s for sale

This post has been updated; see KRT acquisition item for the “why” Terry Baker, president of programmatic recruitment advertising firm PandoLogic, has added the title CEO. His promotion was announced to staff on Monday and publicly today. Baker joined RealMatch, as the company was called, in 2012 after more than 6 1/2  years with Adicio […]

KRT acquisition: Fourth similar deal in a month

Recruitics, a recruitment marketing company, has acquired KRT Marketing, another recruitment marketing company. It’s the fourth similar acquisition in the field announced in about a month.

What’s the Rush? Can You Dump Your Quick Application?

I’m all for efficiency. Check out any of those online personality assessments that are supposed to help you sell to me. I like direct communication. Let’s get shit done.  I’m the same way when I go to the grocery store. I organize my list in the order of the rows. I don’t like to wander […]

Beamery Aims to Strengthen Employer Branding With New Career Sites – HCM Technology Report

Beamery’s Career Sites product is designed to help employers more easily customize job-site content and customize the candidate’s search experience.

5 Biggest Mistakes Small Business Can Make and How to Avoid Them | No-coding resume/cv parser, Extract resume data to CRM, Resume parser

As a small business, you need to make a fool-proof business plan & no single strategy that will ensure a quick return on investment, these 5 tips can help you.

Save introduces job agents’ scoring

Recruitment start-up has allowed job seekers to find well-regarded career-change agents and recruiters based on their past performances.

Save introduces new talent hunting tool

Passive jobs app has introduced a unique talent hunting tool that helps employers understand candidates’ behavior characteristics that are difficult to be identified in their work history and during interviews.

Confessions of a Serial Work Spouse

“Work spouse” is a phrase, mostly in American English, referring to a co-worker, usually of the opposite gender, with whom one shares a special relationship, having bonds like those of a marriage.  I know this phrase is still considered taboo, but let’s be real, we’ve all used it, and maybe have even had a work […]