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Video: Jennifer McClure discusses ERE and key priorities for Talent Acquisition

This week I got to talk to Jennifer McClure, the President of Unbridled Talent and CEO of Disrupt HR about some of the most pressing challenges she will be addressing in 2017.

TalentAds expands internationally

Programmatic job advertising platform TalentAds has signed partnership agreements with a number of international job search engines.  This article is only available to AIM Group clients. Please subscribe now or log in to view. The post TalentAds expands internationally appeared first on AIM Group.

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    Employee Poaching, Smartly
The Ultimate Guide to Employer Branding on Social Media

The recruitment landscape has changed drastically. There are new methods and skills being adapted for existing recruitment plans, and many companies are using this time … The post The Ultimate Guide to Employer Branding on Social Media appeared first on HR Tech Feed.

Human Capital Disclosure: What to Know About the SEC’s Proposed Rule

Public companies may soon be required to complete human capital disclosures in the United States.  The U.S. Securities and Exchange Commission, which made the proposal in August 2019, says current disclosure requirements are outdated. Existing requirements focus on business assets but not human capital, which the SEC says needs to change. Here, we look at […]

What Uncertain Business Environments Reveal About Workforce Planning

The Brexit Day countdown is on, and yet, political tussles over whether the UK will keep its close financial services ties with the European Union show little signs of resolving. For large American banks using London as a major European hub, this means there are still multiple futures ahead, each carrying its own implications for talent supply and […]

Apploi Raises $8M For Recruiting Platform to Hire, Onboard, and Credential Healthcare Workers

Apploi announced an $8 million Series B round of of VC funding for its healthcare focused recruiting platform. This brings its total raised to $20.5 … The post Apploi Raises $8M For Recruiting Platform to Hire, Onboard, and Credential Healthcare Workers appeared first on HR Tech Feed.

Voice messaging comes to LinkedIn

It’s been available on Apple IMessage since the release of IOS 8 in 2014 — and Facebook Messenger and WhatsApp have had the functionality for what feels like aeons already — but LinkedIn will in the coming weeks finally roll out voice messaging to its mobile app and desktop site. The post Voice messaging comes […]

Chatbots for Job Boards

I think chatbots are a good tactic to use on most web sites as another channel for engagement, customer service and marketing. Perhaps not if you only run your board on the side, but if you work on it full time consider adding a chatbot to the mix. Here’s a list of them. The job […]

Dear Timmy: How can I best incentivize my corporate recruiters?

Dear Timmy, I have a team of corporate recruiters who we pay salary and then they also get paid a bonus amount for every individual you hire. When I read your post “The Corporate Recruitment Incentive Program” at Fistful of Talent, I was encouraged we are doing the right thing. But, I have an issue. […]

HR and Benefits Software Solution Raises $40 Million

SAN FRANCISCO – Ease, a leading HR and benefits software solution for small businesses, insurance brokers, and insurance carriers, today announced $41 million in Series C funding led … The post HR and Benefits Software Solution Raises $40 Million appeared first on HR Tech Feed.

This Vendor Crowdsources Skills Tests

No matter how good we are at finding applicants for a job we can’t truly succeed in making a good hire if we can’t identify the best ones. One core tool we use for assessing candidates, the resume, isn’t so great because resumes contain very low quality of information — they are not good at […]

What Do You Do After Ending Performance Ratings?

Note: This is the first of three articles dealing with managing performance and compensation in the post-ratings organization. The second article on bonus and comp distribution will post Tuesday. The third discusses calibration formulas.

Save faces more fake job accusations

Chinese classifieds giant (NYSE: WUBA) has been hit with another false information scandal, the second to make headlines in the just the past month. An article posted last week on featured 38 individuals who claimed that they had been defrauded of sums ranging from 730 RMB to 1890 RMB after taking fake job […]

European Court Clarifies Legality of Banning Islamic Headscarves in the Workplace

On March 14 the Court of Justice of the European Union (ECJ) issued a significant ruling clarifying when an employer may prohibit employees from wearing visible signs of their religious beliefs in the workplace.