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What’s ahead for the job market?

Monster’s Joanie Courtney looks back at a year’s worth of BLS reports, which showed 2015 was a year of stability. Will 2016 be much different?

Job Change Notifier is shutting down

Thanks to changes being made to LinkedIn’s API, Job Change Notifier is shutting down. Here’s the company’s note to users: Over the past two years, Job Change Notifier has helped LinkedIn users collectively track over 20 million connections, notifying users whenever any of their connections changed jobs. Unfortunately, LinkedIn is about to make a change […]

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Is Settling for a Job a Good or Bad Career Move?

There are two ways of thinking about settling for any old job that comes your way. On the plus side, it’s important to at least be employed and be challenged in ways you may not have anticipated. The downside, however, is that you may find yourself on a career path that leaves you floundering and […]

CareerBuilder Top Jobs of 2013: Meeting & Event Planner

Find an event planner job: Or view other top jobs: Learn about one of …

What’s In The Top-Side Of Your Recruiting Funnel?

Marketing is changing talent acquisition forever. It wasn’t long ago that most Talent Acquisition leaders had a conceited belief that candidates wanted to come to work for their great organizations. All they had to do was develop and administer a process for those candidates to be processed, and that was great talent acquisition.  I could […]

Why Would Anyone Launch a Job Board Today? C’Mon, Man!

Money continues to flow into HR tech companies and people are still launching job boards. Yeah, you heard that right. Job boards. C’mon, really? The boys break down all the latest news.

LinkedIn’s mobile strategy is a mess

Linkedin is one of the most successful Web 2.0 companies in history — but it's success stops short when it comes to mobile. LinkedIn's main mobile app has long attempted to do everything its web product does: the network, profile, feed, search, and …

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Joel Cheesman just launched, a mobile app that begins with a simple question: “How’s employee morale at your company?”

A New Recruiting Wrinkle: Paying Everybody as if They Worked in San Francisco

Here’s the latest recruiting wrinkle in job listings: Posting an ad where the company is completely up front about what the position pays — even if it is $181,000 a year. Jeff Hyman, a long-time executive recruiter and author of the bestselling book Recruit Rockstars, recently flagged me to the fact that project management software […]

Get Your Hiring Manager Into The Sourcing Game

Getting the right names and contact information of candidates could be a lot easier than you think. If you work within a corporate environment as a sourcer, this is the real “low hanging fruit.” Below I will show you three ways to get to the right candidates by partnering with your hiring manager and using […]

VIDEO: L&D Hangout: How to Make Harassment Training Sexy

You know it’s true—you’ve got a lot of opportunity to make your harassment training less boring and more dynamic. Watch the video above to hear Kris Dunn and Alison Cooley talk about ways to make harassment training more interactive, interesting and relevant to participants—while still having fun! The post VIDEO: L&D Hangout: How to Make […]

Lessons On Leadership from My Bad Boss(es)

Need a conversation prompt? Just say, “I hate my boss.” Add a swear for emphasis, some name-calling if that makes you feel better. That phrase usually starts an echo around a table or at a bar. A lot of “me too” and “oh, you should meet mine.” Then everyone starts to recite all of the […]

In Recruiting, Content Is NOT King!

Something happened over the past five years. Content marketing, which is a brilliant way to connect with a customer base and build sales, became very fashionable in the recruiting space.  So much so, that I constantly read vendors telling in the trenches Talent Acquisition pros and leaders: “In Recruiting, content is king!” No. No, it is […]

MobileJob and JobUfo launch new job board

MobileJob and JobUfo, two Berlin-based recruitment start-ups, have launched a job board aimed at blue collar workers: (BlueBoard). The companies behind the new employment site set themselves apart from other local job boards such as Axel Springer’s StepStone, which mainly focusses on executive or academic roles.