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Ekrut completes pre-series A round

Indonesia-based recruitment platform Ekrut recieved an undisclosed sum in a pre-series A funding round led by Venturra Discovery. New investors Bizreach Inc and Azure Ventures, and existing investors East Ventures, Prasetia Dwidharma, and Skystar Capital also participated.

Ceridian Dayforce Expands Benefits Support, On-Demand Pay – HCM Technology Report

Ceridian enhanced Dayforce with new features designed to improve the cloud platform’s functionality while expanding its breadth.

Talent Pros! You are not alone! #SHRMTalent

I’m in Nashville, TN this week attending and speaking at the SHRM Talent Conference. SHRM Talent has quickly become one of my favorite conferences to attend and speak at because I love being surrounded by TA Pros and Leaders who are in the weeds! Actual real folks, making real placements, with real stories and pain […]

Defense Wins Championships…and Talent

I’m a college basketball fan, so the NCAA Championship this week was fun to watch. OK. Maybe not the first 5 minutes when no one could hit the broad side of a barn–but the overall tournament and the championship game did not disappoint. Take Virginia and Texas Tech–two defensive-minded teams who made it to the […]

How to Optimize Your ATS with Chatbots?

Which software do you use for recruitment? An ATS? Applicant tracking systems are the preferred choice for employers and hiring managers while recruiting candidates. They are useful as they handle a plethora of resumes and set an effective workflow.

2 Ways AI Can Make Your Workplace More Human – HCM Technology Report

As more employers begin to implement AI, a human element must be in place to ensure that the workforce feels valued and secure.

How Resume Parsing Speeds Up Recruitment Process

These days, we witness a job market blooming with new job opportunities and numerous candidates seeking jobs. Managing a flood of resumes is a herculean task for HR managers and recruiters. With candidates applying for jobs on your website, resumes in your inbox, desktop and various folders, it seems almost impossible to look for the […]

Career Confessions of Gen Z: Make Your Data Work For You

When you think about the top companies in the world, what are the first companies that come to mind? I would bet that Google was one of the first companies that popped in your mind. I am positive that HR professionals around the world are trying to figure out the formula to building such a […]

Career Confessions of Gen Z: 3 Tips for Starting a New Job — The Intern Addition

STOP, COLLABORATE, AND LISTEN. While these may be the words to an iconic and catchy song — you’re welcome if it’s now stuck in your head — they are also words of wisdom for a college student or new grad about to start an internship or entry-level job. So, let’s take a piece out of […]

What Are You Telling Employees When You Send Them Late Night Emails?

I learned long ago that you should always be ready to take good advice — no matter where it comes from. This month, it came from a guy named Michael Dermer who touts himself in his blog and newsletter as The Lonely Entrepreneur. His words of wisdom were short, sweet, and spot-on. He said: “Turn […]

How can I get hired with a felony record?

You committed a crime. You paid your dues. 5 years later, how do you get a job? You fess up, line up some back-up, and you make a commitment. Nobody said it was easy. What’s your take on this – especially if you’re an employer?

HCM Technology and Its Influence on Workforce Management – HCM Technology Report

Escalating healthcare costs and increasing insurance gaps will again catapult voluntary benefits to the forefront. Here’s how to get help from technology.

Save launched for full-time jobs

HR services provider Aidem Inc. has launched for job-seekers looking for full-time employment opportunities and companies that want to manage recruitment from their corporate sites.

Save hits 2 million users

Japanese job-matching app has crossed the two million registered users mark just five months after its launch. Lensa Corp., a joint venture between En-Japan Inc. (51 percent) and Line Corp. (49 percent), launched in Oct. last year.