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How can I get hired with a felony record?

You committed a crime. You paid your dues. 5 years later, how do you get a job? You fess up, line up some back-up, and you make a commitment. Nobody said it was easy. What’s your take on this – especially if you’re an employer?

HCM Technology and Its Influence on Workforce Management – HCM Technology Report

Escalating healthcare costs and increasing insurance gaps will again catapult voluntary benefits to the forefront. Here’s how to get help from technology.

Save launched for full-time jobs

HR services provider Aidem Inc. has launched for job-seekers looking for full-time employment opportunities and companies that want to manage recruitment from their corporate sites.

Save hits 2 million users

Japanese job-matching app has crossed the two million registered users mark just five months after its launch. Lensa Corp., a joint venture between En-Japan Inc. (51 percent) and Line Corp. (49 percent), launched in Oct. last year.

Dispelling HR Police Mythology

It was 5 minutes until 5:00 pm on a Friday. I was at my desk holding court about where the Sales team was going for happy hour when suddenly the “personnel” lady appeared with a figurative summons for me to appear in personnel court along with a fellow Account Executive. “Why,” you ask? Two weeks […]

Leverages gets a new CEO

Leverages Inc., a Japanese staffing firm with local and overseas operations, has appointed Takenori Mayama (間山 哲規) as its new CEO to realize profitability for the company’s new services.

How is resume parsing tool beneficial for small-scale businesses?

Resume parsing tool helps to automate recruitment process and if it is at free of cost then would definitely help to small recruiting agencies or small businesses to speed up their recruitment process.

TechPlay assumes DataShip’s helm

TechPlay operates a sub-domain to list job opportunities for IT / web engineers. The site will continue to provide recruitment support and branding services to corporate users as well as provide career-improvement information to individuals after its parent company Persol Holdings Limited decided to terminate…

It’s Okay to Tell Your Critics to Suck It!

In the corporate world, everyone is a critic!  Everyone!  We’ve gotten really good at a learned behavior. No longer can we send out a final product the first time. Why?  Because everyone wants to trash it and change it so it can be this really nice piece of vanilla crap!  Welcome to Corporate America. But […]

Is High Performance a Zero-Sum Game?

I read a lot of HR stuff about high performers. We all want an entire population of these employees at our companies. Adding more high performers means better overall results, which means better everything, right? Maybe not. Depending on your culture, you could be making it hard for the best performers to stay. As Long […]

Activate Your Windows 7 or Windows 10 Product Key 2019

For activate window 7 or windows 10 from the software just download the software and activate the windows just download Microsoft toolkit and follow the steps below.

Save launched for real estate jobs

Japanese real estate firm Living Technologies Inc. has launched a career support service at to share market trends and information with professionals in the construction and real estate industries. 

Save builds jobs site for Ph.D. scholars — the No.1 job site in Pakistan — will help the local government’s Higher Education Commission launch a job-matching site for Ph.D. scholars, The News reported.

Roundup: YouEarnedIt, HighGround Combine Brands – HCM Technology Report

Our weekly roundup of deals, product announcements and other news from the HCM technology community. This week: Google’s enhanced CTS, Indeed’s assessments.