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How iPhone Can Be Used for Business Leadership Effectiveness

Technology is often blamed for the lack of communication in today’s business world. Too many voicem ails and e-mails to answer is often given as a reason. However, it really needn’t be that way. Effective communication between you and your staff is so vitally important, including feedback from…

Now You Can Apply For a Job On Twitter Without Leaving Twitter

Jim Stroud interviews John Dennehy of Zartis about a new advertising option from Twitter and how to leverage it for recruiting.

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Engagement Versus Likes/Followers – Which Holds the Most Value?

The Arland Group office is a mecca for collaboration, and Emily Pirraglia and I bounce ideas off of each other on a daily basis. Last week’s debate centered around the importance of likes/followers and engagement on social media. Both are extremely important.

Top 10 Companies With The Best Business Outlook

In a new report out from Glassdoor, we look at the Top 10 Companies with the Best Business Outlook, according to employees, and Google stands out at number one – 86% of employees believe the company’s business outlook will improve in the next six months.

Setting the Stage for Recruiting Success

Whether you call it a strategy session or an intake meeting – the initial conversation you have with your hiring manager is the most critical step in the r

The Power of Mobile Job Applications

There has been a lot of talk the past few years about “the shift to mobile” from recruiting leaders, with a primary focus on effectively managing the mobil

The Ultimate Summer Workplace Checklist

Memorial Day weekend signals the beginning of summer in the workplace, which means all sorts of opportunities and challenges for HR from dress code issues to vacation scheduling to workplace outings and activities. Here’s a checklist of 10 things to do this summer in the workplace.

How to write a job offer 1 (infographic)

Infographic description of how to write a job advert, written by one of the top job listing boards. Designed for recruiters publishing job offers online.

Plugin Recruiter – Talent acquisition just got smarter

Introducing the latest in employer branding technology Plugin Recruiter – An agile response to a changing recruitment landscape The role of the in-house recruiter has changed forever.  Gone is the …

The Dive

In Human Resources the days are long, the challenges numerous, the praises few, but the goal is simple. We strive to improve the world of work, while strengthening the bottom line. At The Talent Pool we help our clients identify, maximize and retain the talent necessary to actualize their missions. Here on The Dive we […]

Save launches a completely revamped site

Asia Pacific’s leading job aggregator recently launched a completely re-engineered site that provides a faster, richer, job search experience.

LinkedIn Acqui-hires Team Behind Maybe – SocialTimes

LinkedIn has acquired the social decision-making service Maybe and has shut it down, the company confirmed today.

Digital Camera Inventor Explains How Technology Took Down Kodak

Steve Sasson was working at the applied research lab at Eastman Kodak when he was asked to look into a new apparatus called a charge-coupled device. One year later, the first digital camera was born. But, while the invention changed the industry forever, it also caused the demise of one of the biggest photo companies […]

Valuing the So-Called Me Me Me Generation

Talking about millenials is a hot topic. Whether it’s how to hire them or ways to work with them, love them, or hate them, analyzing gen Y seems to be an area of continual fascination.