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Private Equity-Owned Recruiting Software Start-up, Bullhorn, Targets $150 Million In 2017 Sales

Art Papas, Bullhorn CEO, stumbled his way into a start-up that generated so much cash that a private equity firm bought it. Now Papas has access to capital for acquisitions without the hassles of being a public company.

5 Smart Tips to Hiring Seasonal Employees

Need an extra hand this summer? Here are five valuable tips to finding season help.

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    Employee Poaching, Smartly
Men and Women Seek Different Job Perks

While salary and benefits are important to both men and women, they do have different ideas about what makes a great work place.

A Good Relationship With A Supervisor Bolsters Job Satisfaction

Employees list having a positive relationship with their manager a key to high job satisfaction in almost every job satisfaction survey. Building supportive and understanding relationships with management keeps employees more engaged.

Follow-Up Emails That Will Land You The Job

You had coffee with someone from a company you would love to work for. So how do you snag the gig Like this.

LinkedIn is Becoming More Like Facebook, Facebook More Like LinkedIn

Facebook started as the personal page for students of American colleges. LinkedIn started as the professional page for their parents. With market caps of $58.78 billion and $19.97 billion, respectively, it is clear that both Facebook and LinkedIn have a come a long way over the last 8-9 years. But what have they become?

Data, Recruiting, and Employment Branding

Peter Clayton of TotalPicture Radio Interviews Keith Hadley, Practice Leader, Employment Branding, CareerBuilder – The job hunt is changing, and recruiters must adapt.

New version for free recruitment software

We are pleased to announce that we shipped another new release of free recruitment software this week. This new major release has been inspired and driven by the ideas and thoughts of our customers, posted over the last couple of months in the community portal.

Do We Have a Talent Shortage or a Talent Transformation?

There have been ongoing debates for a decade or more over whether or not there is a talent shortage. If there was a real talent shortage, we would have seen much different corporate behavior.

Save wants your backfill

I met up with some execs recently and asked them to do a quick interview for my readers about their job search engine and its backfill opportunities. Check it out.

Poor Work-Life Balance? This Exercise Will Help

Achieving work-life balance is important to being happy and feeling fulfilled in life; unfortunately, many people do not really know how to make that possible. It can be hard to juggle workplace res…

Should LinkedIn Be Scared Of CareerArc Group?

One of the top IPOs of the past few years is LinkedIn. The gain? It is over four times. But of course, the company is not the only one trailblazing the employment space. There are a spate of other startups that are gunning for the opportunity as well. And one to keep an eye …

Disney Settles Antitrust Suit Over Recruiting From Rivals

Units of Walt Disney Co., the world’s largest theme-park operator, tentatively settled a lawsuit alleging they violated U.S. antitrust law by agreeing with competitors not to recruit one another’s employees.

Health and Your Emotional Wellbeing At the Office

At the end of the day, staying healthy not only impacts you and your mental, physical, and emotional health, but it will also make you a much better employee.