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6 free tools for creating a dynamic CV

Here’s a guide to some brand-new tools for creating an electronic masterpiece of a CV. Even better, they’re all free.

Your mega summer reading list: 180+ books recommended by TEDsters

It’s time for summer reading! Here 16 TEDsters from speakers Sarah Kay and Raghava KK, to attendees Rainn Wilson and Chris Kluwe pick books.

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    Employee Poaching, Smartly
7 Ways to Be the Youngest Person at Work

Written by Melissa Anzman Genius comes in every age – and I’m guessing that you are one of the smart ones at work. Being one…

LinkedIn gives users the ability to share photos, documents and presentations in updates

Less than a month after it introduced multimedia content to user€™ profile pages, LinkedIn has rolled out similar functionality today for status updates posted from the homepage.

Save reports HR’s poor view of millennial job seekers

After surveying 6,000 job seekers and recruitment professionals, career service firm determined that HR folks don’t view millennial candidates favorably – thinking them disloyal and lazy.

New CareerBuilder tablet job search lets seekers see their competition

The new, only viewable on Apple or Android tablet, has added some slick new job-search, location and application features, including the ability to see info on other candidates.

Play to Win the Game of Recruiting

The assessment process between talent attraction and application is changing. See how it’s trending toward putting on a game face.

News Corp poised to challenge LinkedIn

The Wall Street Journal is expected to launch a social network in the coming months that will compete with LinkedIn as a platform for “like-minded people” to meet online and share ideas.

Save motivates workers with peer-to-peer bonuses

So how do you motivate unmotivated employees? One way is to offer traditional financial incentives such as annual bonuses or employee-of-the-month awards.

Reboot and Recruit

Selling your professional story in a social culture

How To Hire The Best New Graduates

Life experience matters as much as work experience. And it’s now possible to tweet your way into a job. Realworld hiring tips from HR vets.

Real-life examples of simple, low-cost work/life efforts

Studies show that work/life programs can help improve employee engagement and productivity. But you may believe effective strategies are expensive and require a big-business budget.   Not true. Some larger and midsize employers have created innovative, low-cost work/life practices that

10 Small Ways to Combat Big Employee Conflicts

It doesn’t matter how robust the company wellness program is or how relaxing the nap room feels – when employee conflicts occur, the business suffers.

Jobless claims climb 10,000 in latest week Economic Report

Jobless claims rose 10,000 to 354,000 in the latest week, above economists’ expectations. The four-week moving average rose to its highest level in a month.