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Starting Salaries To Rise This Much: Tech And Finance Fields Grow Most

Hiring demand is placing pressure on the supply of skilled workers. Companies have to pay up.

Justworks Raises $6 Million to Help Businesses Handle Employee Benefits

Handling employee benefits is a headache for companies, especially small ones, and Justworks Inc. has raised $6 million to make it easier.The startup has software that packages corporate benefits by aggregating multiple companies into a single entity, negotiating lower rates and eliminating the need for each company to deal separately with numerous corporate and government agencies.

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    Employee Poaching, Smartly
Millennials require custom retention strategies, experts say

Millennials are motivated by “social needs” such as team cohesion and flexible schedules, while older generations are more motivated by “transactional needs” such as salaries, according to a study by PricewaterhouseCoopers. The company last year sought to develop flexible work plans during the holidays for its U.S.-based workers.

The Real Talent Shortage: Managers Dont Know How To Recruit

Hiring managers and HR professionals often stink at finding, recruiting, and keeping talent.

Interview with a Social Recruiter

Today we are debuting the first in a new series of blog posts with social recruiters who are making a mark on the recruitment industry. This post will feature Nicole Lindberg, Sourcing Strategist with Exact Target in Indianapolis. Nicole has been a big supporter of InstaJob, so we thought we’d return the favor and turn […]

AutoZone Hit With Background Screening Class Action

AutoZone is the latest company to be inducted into the FCRA class action club. The company was hit for alleged violations of state and federal law in its background checks.

4 Considerations Before Hiring Convicted Felons

While reading Orange is the New Black recently, I was struck by a point the author made about the difficulties prisoners face when they’re finally able to leave prison and re-enter society. After living in an institution that supplies them with a job, food, and place to live, many are unprepared to step back into […]

Why is it so hard to find (and hire) people with disabilities?

Does your organization have a true strategy for creating successful outreach and hiring in the disability talent pool? Are tactics disguised as strategy impeding real success? Getting ready for 503 compliance is such a small part of embracing an entirely new and valuable talent pool.

News Flash! HR Causes Talent Shortage!

HR knows where the talent shortage comes from: Lousy job offers. Employers refuse to pay market salaries and wages, then blame the labor force. A crummy job offer costs employers more than their accounting systems report — and it wreaks havoc on our economy.

Marketing Content: More Is Not Better

Wordy, worthless career content could cost you your next job.

What job seekers need to know about the background check (podcast)

In the latest episode of CareerCloud Radio, we chat with Nick Fishman, VP of Marketing for EmployeeScreenIQ about what goes on in a background check.

Would You Take Less Pay to Work From Home? 1 in 5 Say Yes

Would you give up pay and benefits if it meant you could work from home? You may be surprised to see what these survey respondents said.

5 Ways Telecommuting and Flex Time Help You Recruit the Best Workers

Myriad technologies for working away from the office has deepened your talent pool to include the entire world.

Save just got bought for $11 million

Breaking News off the wires today. CareerArc, the company that also owns TweetMyJobs has sold off one of its big properties, to Chegg for 11 million.