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Psychologists say white men benefit from these unconscious biases

I’m a white male.  As the New York Times has reported and loads of scientific research has found, membership within that demographic means that I am constantly benefiting from a range of sexist, racist, and unconscious biases. While we’d have a more just society if that weren’t true, a host of economic and psychological studies have […]

The personality types of all 50 states

We’ve all heard the stereotype of the friendly Midwesterner, or the neurotic New Yorker. They’re stereotypes, yes, but it turns out there may be some truth to them. Personality and career assessment site Truity surveyed more than 12,000 residents in all 50 states and D.C. to find out if where you grew up has any bearing […]

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Here's exactly why your email is stressing you out so much

The number of unread emails in my inbox recently reached an all-time high.  As someone who typically maintains an “unread count” of about 30, and gets more joy from “inbox zero” than I’d like to admit  — seeing “792” when I arrived at work on Wednesday morning nearly killed me. (Okay, not really, but it did give […]

Here's what a 16-year-old Harvard 'dropout' learned from working at a startup

It’s an extraordinary academic achievement to be admitted to Harvard University. It’s arguably an even bigger accomplishment when you’re only 15 years old. When he entered Harvard, Patrick Pan was a 16-year-old student from Texas, armed with a 2400 SAT score and a plan to graduate in four years with a degree in biomedical engineering. […]

UI VP for Human Resources Sue Buckley announces retirement

Since 1995, she has been with the university human resources office. Before being appointed as vice president in 2009, she served as assistant director, associate director, director of UI Human Resources, and associate vice president for UI Finance and …

Ousted Dallas ISD human resources executives offered severances

The Dallas ISD personnel chief who resigned Thursday over instant messages that disparaged her co-workers could receive at least $55,500 in a settlement that requires her to work with trustees and administrators to defend any claims, complaints or …

Wife found dead in Lancaster Township apartment Saturday worked in human …

The woman found dead alongside her husband – both killed by gunshot wounds – in their Lancaster Township apartment Saturday worked in human resources. Yarra Wilson was working as the director of human resources for Clair Global, the concert …

Could 2015 Be the Year of the Retirement Party?

According to CareerBuilder's annual retirement survey, three-quarters of respondents delaying retirement blame the recession, and 12 percent have given up on the idea of retirement entirely, a slight increase over last year. And "retirement" is a …

Save Issues Its Annual List of the Craziest Tardiness Excuses: Do …

What is Your Excuse For some employees, it is not doing their work that is difficult, but rather getting to their work in the first place. While traffic is the most common explanation for tardiness, lack of sleep and bad weather are close behind …

Houston's labor market ranks No. 2, but growth likely to slow

The Labor Market 150 is a quarterly index of the labor markets in the 150 largest U.S. metropolitan areas. CareerBuilder and Economic Modeling Specialists Intl. developed the index using factors such as employment levels, unemployment rates, projected …

Talent Summit debate panel gets Monstered

There is sure to be a little extra spice in the rivalry between the two behemoth online jobs sites, Indeed. com and Monster, following National Employment Week, which kicks off on Monday. National Employment Week is supported by Sigmar Recruitment, the …

“Jihadi John,” Imperialism and ISIS

Not only did Britain's security service MI5 carefully track his movements, it carried out an active campaign to recruit him as an informant and covert agent. … If there is doubt as to whether Emwazi was recruited, it is clear that other ISIS …

LinkedIn Stock Races Ahead 11%; Every New Idea Is Working

Tech CEOs like LinkedIn boss Jeff Weiner operate almost like venture capitalists. They pump money into a host of internal growth ideas, periodically pruning their portfolio by burying the losers and hoping that the occasional big winners will make it …

7 Common Errors To Stop Now When Using Twitter for Hiring

It’s surprisingly easy to make Twitter errors and as these can hinder you when using Twitter for hiring, here are 7 of the easiest to avoid.