Organizational Agility: The Importance of Measurement

Organizational Agility: The Importance of Measurement

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In the digital world, organizations need robust, accurate metrics to help them understand real-time performance. Digital KPIs will not replace traditional metrics for every organization, but the complexity of digital products and services, including a new array of data sources, means businesses must rethink what they measure.  

With digital transformation on the rise, traditional benchmarks for success often fail to account for the challenges and nuances of our changing world. 

For instance, in an agile organization, the challenge for the CFO is to assess the success of new digital initiatives in real-time and provide this information back to the business to inform decision-making. The business must be able to understand how individual investments contribute to overall performance, so they can manage the risk across the whole portfolio, prioritizing investments and assigning resources accordingly. The bottom line: To keep up, today’s organizations must rethink their performance measures.

Measure, Guide, Succeed

Our recent research, “Organizational Agility at Scale: The Key to Driving Digital Growth,” reveals that only a quarter of organizations have made significant headway establishing performance metrics for digital revenue growth. This slow pace of adoption risks compromising the shift to agile for those organizations that aren’t able to see what’s

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