Organizational Agility: Business Leaders Share Best Practices

Organizational Agility: Business Leaders Share Best Practices

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Workday recently conducted a survey with 998 business leaders to better understand how companies are leveraging organizational agility to drive their digital growth. The research revealed that leaders in digital transformation exhibit high levels of performance across five key areas: continuous planning, fluid structures and processes, a future-proof workforce, informed decision making, and measurement and control.

So, how are companies embedding these characteristics into their businesses?

Richard Bye, vice president of HR services at BP; Jeanette Olson vice president of technology services, corporate systems at Target; and John Mead, vice president of finance, financial applications at Ameriprise Financial, sat down with Bob Evans, founder of Cloud Wars Media Network, to share best practices and learnings from their own digital transformation journeys. 

Some of their key takeaways are below:

Start small. Jeanette Olson shared that one of Target’s key learnings was finding the right pace of innovation. To be impactful, the business needs to be able to catch up to the technology. Start small, create success, and build on that momentum over time. 

Find the right skills. Skills are constantly evolving to keep up with the changing world of work. In particular, John Mead shared the importance of hiring people with

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