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In Human Resources the days are long, the challenges numerous, the praises few, but the goal is simple. We strive to improve the world of work, while strengthening the bottom line. At The Talent Pool we help our clients identify, maximize and retain the talent necessary to actualize their missions. Here on The Dive we […]

Valuing the So-Called Me Me Me Generation

Talking about millenials is a hot topic. Whether it’s how to hire them or ways to work with them, love them, or hate them, analyzing gen Y seems to be an area of continual fascination.

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    Employee Poaching, Smartly
4 Ways to Build a Better Agency with Smarter Hires

An advertising agency can be a tough place to work: High pressure, tight deadlines, and demanding clients are all part of the daily grind. Employees who thrive under pressure, day in and day out, prosper at advertising agencies – and drive the agencies’ success as well.

The Fair Market Value of Employees by Paul Hebert

We continue to hear the C-Suite talk about employees as their most important asset. Expensive placques line mahogany walls all over corporate America engraved with the company’s commitment to its associates, employees, team members, (insert buzz word for worker here). Everyone talks the talk when it comes to the employees being the fuel that drives […]

7 Tips to Mobile Job Search Success

As important as it is for employers to leverage mobile, it’s equally important for job seekers to get the most out of their mobile job search. These seven tips should help:

Tours of Duty: The New Employer-Employee Compact

For most of the 20th century, the compact between employers and employees in the developed world was all about stability. Jobs at big corporations were secure: As long as the company did OK financially and the employee did his or her job, that job wouldn’t go away.

3 Reasons eHarmony’s Job Matching Will Suck

Look who’s getting into the job matching game. Popular algorithmic dating site eHarmony went mainstream last week that they have their eye on the job search marketplace. It seems like there’s a…

Seven Ways to Use Rewards to Fix Employees

Using an effective rewards and incentives program can help to fix poor-performing employees. Follow these steps:

The Best Bonus Is One You Can’t Spend on Yourself

Financial compensation is a blunt way to incentivize people. That’s no surprise, but a couple things would seem to be hard to argue with: If you want people to do good work, pay them as much as you can and let them spend the money on themselves.

Three Keys to Building a Better Onboarding Program

With the labor market worldwide still highly competitive, employers are in a position to choose the best and brightest when making a new hire. But even though it’s currently an employers’ market, companies still invest a considerable amount of time and money in the hiring process, and with tight budgets and heavy workloads, making sure […]

Surprising Stat: Yahoo Surpasses Facebook In Traffic Per Compete

According to new data, Yahoo.com replaced Facebook.com as the second-most-visited Web site in April according to Compete. Month-over-month, Yahoo grew less tha…

Bringing in an Old School Technique to Address Job Satisfaction

There are a number of ways to address issues with job satisfaction. Some of them, like gamification, definitely take a modern approach. But there is also a technique that is thousands of years old which researchers are finding to have a positive effect in the workplace: mindfulness. According to…

Are Your Employees Happy?

There’s nothing more powerful in a career than realizing what you do has a greater purpose beyond financial gain-;for me, it’s the fact that I believe my company makes the world a better place. Whether it’s the company’s greater purpose or the impact of each person’s work day-to-day, all that matters is that our employees […]

I Hate my Job. When Can I Jump Ship?

With some jobs, you just know that you will never receive the respect, autonomy, resources, or sense of fulfillment that you need to succeed.