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How companies can reduce churn among millennials

New research finds millennials leaving jobs more frequently and in greater numbers than their older co-workers. Employers and HR must put special emphasis on flexible work environments, advancement opportunities, and coaching to improve retention rates among this growing employee population, experts say.

Employee Retention and Satisfaction Aided By Mentorship Programs

Ensuring new hires understand and embrace the company culture is one way to improve both employee satisfaction and employee retention among new employees. A strong understanding of company culture builds a sense ownership in employees, and they tend to stick around longer. They are also better employees, because they have bought into the mission and […]

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    Employee Poaching, Smartly
Lots of Employers Think Younger Workers are Pretty Much Useless

Workers think they are job ready and possess all the skills, experience and education needed. Employers have a different view.

Should Therapists Be Hired for Employee Morale?

Tracking employee morale is so important to a company, even though it’s easy for organizational shifts to leave many employees in the dark about how to deal with changes. Other than live meetings to address concerns, one prominent clothing company hired an organizational therapist to come in and help employees feel more comfortable. And while […]

11 Desk Objects That Will Make Your Co-Workers Think You’re A Total Lunatic

Do you have a Christmas tree dead animal or blender on your desk We hope not. Your desk is your sanctuary–treat it wrong and you may be doing more.

When Corporate Support Backfires on Women Workers

Purportedly family-friendly employment policies may actually be holding women back, argues INSEAD professor Herminia Ibarra. Women increasingly find themselves trapped in “pink ghettos” — supporting roles away from the corporate front lines, where it’s easier to secure maternity leave and flexible schedules. Companies that offer less help to working moms tend to have less overall […]

Best Buy Shows How NOT to Handle Layoffs

Best Buy has been laying off workers for the past several months, leading employees to refer to the most common day for firings as “Tornado Tuesdays” or “Termination Tuesdays,” sources say. “My experience with these piecemeal layoff situations is that they fuel a never-ending amount of employee gossip and speculation to the point that little […]

3 Best Ways to Reward People on Your Team

When somebody on your team presents you with some surprise good news, the results of a job done well, or a task accomplished with extra merit, you really need to react quickly, and well. Here’s wha…

How To Create Meaningful Work Relationships While Working From Home

With more and more of our professional and social lives moving online, telecommuting is fast becoming the rule rather than the exception in the workplace. Earlier this year, Marissa Mayer took a lot of heat for banning Yahoo’s employees from working remotely, and now other companies are beginning to follow suit. Is this some sort […]

There’s More to Social Recruiting than LinkedIn: Why Facebook is the Next Frontier

It’s a matter of establishing Facebook’s value as a recruiting network, which we see more and more clearly as adoption grows.

Hiring advice from the original Mad Man

If you ever find a man who is better than you are – hire him. If necessary, pay him more than you pay yourself.

Senate panel approves job training bill

The Senate took a step toward overhauling job training and vocational education Wednesday, with a rare bipartisan committee vote for a bill to streamline federal job training and other vocational programs but the bill’s future is uncertain. The House passed its own overhaul of the long-expired Workforce Investment Act earlier this year, combining…

How Valuable Are Your Employees?

Some of your employees may be indispensable, but being too dependent on them may make you and your business vulnerable

What Your Online Job Application Process Says About Your Company

The online job application process, which is so critical to hiring, needs to be flawless. Here’s why.