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Ex-recruiter: Job hunt rigged against foreigners

The problem, he explains, isn’t in the official pre-filled information boxes that an applicant writes out, it’s in the private side-notes the recruiters keep after the first interaction, notes which are rarely updated and are often made in a way that leaves candidates portrayed in a negative light.

Mobile recruitment requires a leap of faith

Director of digital employment agency, Ross Wellby, reveals how brands are keen to adopt the technology and what key innovations have been witnessed.

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    Employee Poaching, Smartly
Here’s how you know it’s NOT a quality hire

Ask a hiring manager to rate their satisfaction with a hire only if the employee has been around for at least a year, Kris Dunn writes. “After all, if you fire them or they leave voluntarily in a year, it wasn’t a quality hire,” Dunn writes.

Want to motivate your employees? Tell them why their work matters

All too often, busy entrepreneurs tell their staff what to do, and walk away. I believe in using ‘why’ to instruct, guide and motivate employees

Big Verdict Underscores Danger of Recording Devices in the Workplace

With the proliferation of smartphones, most employees have a recording device in their pockets. How do you protect your business against the possibility of employees using these devices to gather damaging evidence against you?

Healthcare Talent Is In Demand

When looking for the types of companies that would be well-suited for mobile recruiting, healthcare organizations seemed an obvious fit.

How to Make Your Best Employees Even More Profitable

Even your brightest hires need to be set up for success. Here are four ways to make your best employees shine.

Little things can make work fun

Yoga, goofy recruiting videos and an office dog are elements of the office culture at Litzky Public Relations in Hoboken, N.J. “I want my employees to be fulfilled both personally and professionally, and if that means they need to take classes or have yoga in the conference room, that’s what we do,” Michele Litzky says.

The Seven Choices of Exceptional Leaders

Choose to be known for what’s in your heart. Intelligence and skill matter most when they express your heart. Leaders who bypass their heart end up cold. Choose small now. Don’t wait for dr…

Performance guarantees toothless without meaningful reports

Vendor reports for care management are often “toothless” because the data chunks are too small, there are no benchmark measures and there are too many versions of the same data, Linda K. Riddell writes. “The reporting part of the contract is your major opportunity to get a handle on the vendor. Don’t be wowed by […]

How Not to Reject Job Applicants

You have screened resumes, interviewed candidates, and now you are ready to make a hire. But wait a while your attention might be focused on the new person who will be joining your staff, don’t forget about all those other candidates who …

7 Deadly Sins of Recruiting: Surefire Ways to Lose Applicants

There are seven deadly sins of recruiting, including requiring candidates to participate in more than five meetings and making unreasonably low compensation offers, writes Ken Sundheim, CEO of KAS Placement Recruiters. “Once an offer dips below a certain number (typically anything equal to or less than they are currently earning) that candidate feels under-appreciated, undervalued, […]

How Millennials will shape the future of work

The workplace is evolving rapidly as millennials enter and change legacy business practices that have existed for a century. By next year, they will comprise 36 percent of the US workforce, will in…

Are You Ready to Apply For an Executive Role?

Considering we live in an age that has been increasingly defined by a heightened sense of competition and specialisation, it is no wonder that acquiring…