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Planning your 2014 Raises

Improving a pay-for-performance strategy can reduce the number of difficult compensation decisions, Tess Taylor writes. Her advice includes compiling information on existing-employee salaries, surveying employees about salary needs and setting goals that can be measured and evaluated.

4 Ways to Keep Seasonal Employees Engaged

Whether for the holidays or the summer, we often need to hire extra help. Here’s how to get the most out of the seasonal workers.

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    Employee Poaching, Smartly
4 ways to influence people with honor

To influence others effectively, you need to remember that you’re always being watched, writes Douglas Conant, chairman of Avon Products. People constantly monitor and judge your actions, so if you behave with honor and respect in your dealings with others, you’re more likely to win influence over those around you. “Honor others with your attention […]

Could pay bonuses lead to more diversity at the top?

One reason why so few women and minorities reach senior jobs is a lack of financial incentives for their bosses, a new study suggests.

How To Eliminate Performance Reviews In Your Organization

Performance reviews dont work. They are disliked by managers and employees alike. They are usually poorly written and disappear as soon as they are completed. Everyone knows this but most are not going to admit it. So why do organizations still use them?

Why it’s smart to recruit top talent from other industries

Don’t exclude job candidates from other industries, as they can be talented workers who have a great work ethic and who are savvy networkers, writes Matt Tovrog of Bell Oaks Executive Search. “Hear them out; you might be surprised at how they can take their previous or current job and use it as a springboard […]

45 Productivity Tips for Extremely Busy People

Not sure how you’ll ever get everything done? Use these tips to streamline your life and open up more time for other things.

What a Dog and a Monkey Taught Me About Management at Google

During Tomasz Tunguz’s time at Google, his team held weekly meetings at which employees traded stories about their mistakes and followed up with stories about colleagues’ successes. The biggest goof won its perpetrator temporary custody of a stuffed monkey named Whoops, while the biggest success story won a stuffed dog named Duke. “To the individual, […]

You Have Been Here How Long? Dissecting Employee Service Awards

If there is one thing I have generally never been a fan of €œEmployee Service Awards.  For far too many organizations the extent of their employee recognition is the Annual Service Awards.

Here’s What to Ask on Employee Surveys

Employers should regularly survey workers to ask them whether they know what’s expected of them, whether they have the tools they need and whether they feel they’re receiving proper recognition, Jessica Miller-Merrell writes. Also, employers should ask workers whether they have a mentor at work and whether they feel their mission is important.

Employee Referrals: The Candidate’s Silver Bullet

Employer efforts to improve referral programs should consider giving more attention to candidates.

How to handle workers who hate each other

If two workers simply cannot work together, you may need to fire one of them, Lynne Curry writes. The situation can become complicated if one or both of the workers claim to have been subject to a “hostile environment,” and in those situations you should push the worker to substantiate his or her claim. “You […]

Why It’s So Difficult to Climb Amazon’s Corporate Ladder

Not only is Amazon’s promotion process subjective, emotional, and political, a key rung on its corporate ladder is missing.

What new hires think about on their first day

New employees spend their first day wondering why they were hired, whether they will like the company, who they might become friends with and who they can go to with questions, Eric Chester writes. Helping them figure these things out will go a long way in creating a good first impression, he writes.