SocialTalent Partners with Direct Employers Association to Offer OFCCP Compliance Training

SocialTalent Partners with Direct Employers Association to Offer OFCCP Compliance Training

Top recruitment learning experience firm, SocialTalent needs no introduction. In a bid to increase its leverage, the firm is collaborating directly with the American specialist in OFCCP compliance solutionsDirectEmployers Association. The firm is planning to offer this specialized training to client companies like Siemens, IBM, Oracle, etc. 

OFCCP Compliance Training 

It is definitely a value-add for any firm that goes one step ahead by acquainting its teams with more know-how and knowledge. The OFCCP compliance training content is ideal for helping the sourcing teams to be aware of the vital developments in the section. This training will be necessary for forming the Affirmative Action plan and for ensuring that the plans are complying with the VEVRAA or Vietnam Era Veterans Readjustment Assistance Act. 

The compliance training content is rich and caters to all the rules and regulations that are necessary for federal contractors. The Office of Federal Contract Compliance keeps tabs on the employers and sees if they are running the business in compliance with its laws and regulations. The modern-day recruitment experts will find this training detailing and looking at all the nooks and corners of the compliance. 

Why is it Necessary for HR Teams to Know this?

The OFCCP keeps updating all the rules and regulations and posts these on its official site. However, while all employers or business heads might be aware that these changes are coming up, their teams may not be aware of these. 

Human resource teams and sourcing teams will need to know that the site has updated the VEVRAA part in the OFCCP. This is where compliance training especially will come to use. 

When a company like Siemens hires, it normally ensures in sourcing people in compliance with the rules of the US Labor Department and OFCCP. Unless the HR sourcing executive knows this, he or she will not be able to apply the same in getting the right person for their job. They will with this OFCCP compliance training be aware of the update and use it for hiring the Vietnam-era veterans. 

Why Professional Training will help?

Only experts in the training can deliver the OFCCP Compliance content in the most lucid form. The joint collaborative training will be high in quality and in-depth for the sourcing team. The content has enough scope for the trainers and the trainees to have more scope for application of the same.