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8 Secrets of Powerful Communicators

Why does one person see a glass as half full and another sees it as half empty?

Recruiting, Employment Branding, and Everyone You Know

A positive employment brand can help attract top candidates, making recruiting for your top positions easier. But, candidates don’t come to us in a vacuum. Before they even apply for a position or speak to a recruiter, they’ve been exposed to advertising, the experience of family members or friends, and the power of social media […]

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    Employee Poaching, Smartly
Facebook Is Now Promoting Job Postings To Employers Via Email

It’s starting to look like Facebook is taking this whole job board thing pretty seriously. As a Fan Page administrator, I woke up today to the following email subject line: “Your next star employee could be on Facebook right now.” The photo inside was of a young African American women sipping a latte and standing […]

Gamification Is Changing Assessments For the Better

Even for successful candidates, the recruitment process can be a dizzying rollercoaster ride. There’s the high of that first call with the recruiter — and the realization that, hey, this job might be ‘the one.’ And then there’s the frustration of slogging through hour-long assessments that make you second guess every professional decision you’ve ever […]

Your Millennials Are Your Canaries

“Those millennials are so entitled.” “Those millennials are so ‘all about me’.” “Those millennials are so darn high maintenance. I don’t have time for all that babysitting.” “Those millennials …I swear they think they should be a senior VP after one year on the job. What planet do they live on?”

Mum’s the Word as DirectEmployers Replaces Executive Director Michael Goldberg After 4 Months

Wow, that was fast. Michael Goldberg took over as executive director of DirectEmployers on November 7, 2016. ‘Along with his enthusiasm and desire to innovate, he brings over 25 years of human resources and talent acquisition strategy experience to the Association,’ the company announced in a release at the time.

“Small Data” Can Have a Big Impact When You Get Started in Analytics

David Green joined IBM about a year ago to help IBM customers grow their people analytics and technology. He has been involved with HR since the late 90’s and also writes and speaks about data driven HR.

‘Ban the box’ advocates seek to help ex-felons secure jobs

Lawmakers are weighing a proposal from an Auburn Democrat to stop asking prospective state employees about past criminal convictions on their application forms. “Getting rid of the simple phrase, ‘Check the box if you have a criminal record.

Trump’s first jobs report crushes expectations

Friday featured the first major economic report covering a full period with Donald Trump as president.

Starting a Coworking Space Business? What You Need to Know

Coworking offices went pop a few years ago and the number of startups looking to scoop profits in the niche has been on a steady rise ever since. Nowadays, the competition is pretty fierce and collaborative office startups have to constantly improve service quality and amenities on offer if they’re to retain existing members and…

Recruitment site JustJoin launches in Poland

In Poland, the new recruitment site launched to facilitate finding IT jobs.

Save rival utilizes AI to shake up “gig” work

An Australian startup is utilizing artificial intelligence to to shake up freelance “gig” work platforms.

Lifecycle Mastery: Your Future Leaders Are Among You. Here’s How to Find and Develop Them

This is the final part of a six part look at how employers can master the talent lifecycle in a way that will help build a high performing workforce. Today’s post examines succession planning. A complete list of the posts is at the end of this article.

As the Role of HR Evolves, Are You?

Not long ago, managing hiring and employee compensation and benefits were an HR executive’s primary focus. With the increasing need of companies to create a positive employee experience to retain top performers, HR is becoming more fully integrated with the inner workings of a business. HR’s focus is now on creating a growth environment for […]