New Startup: Black Tech Pipeline

New Startup: Black Tech Pipeline

A new startup which features a job board and recruiting resources for black technologists has launched. As reported by TechCrunch;

Black Tech Pipeline aims to debunk that myth and help support Black technologists along their respective journeys. Black Tech Pipeline, founded by Pariss Athena, has three key offerings: a job board where anyone can pay to be featured, a recruitment and consulting service and connections to potential speakers for events.

“The goal of Black Tech Pipeline is to bring exposure to the existing community of Black technologists,” Athena said. “We are focused on those who are here because we want to shine a light on the whole ‘pipeline problem’ not being real. We’ve been in the industry. We exist in it. We’ve been here for years. We’re seniors, we’re mid-level, we’re a range. But we also want to create this ripple effect for those who are outside of the industry to show them you have a community of people who look like you and are here to support you through your journey.”


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