NEW FEATURE: Offer Letters from Hireology

NEW FEATURE: Offer Letters from Hireology

You can now add offer letters as a hiring step.

Offer letters have always been the critical, final step of the hiring process. And now you can create, send and have candidates accept offers from your Hireology account.  This means you’ll no longer have to manually manage the offer letter process outside of your hiring platform – saving time, inbox clutter and ensuring that your offer details are 100% accurate for your final-round candidates.

Our new offer letters feature is so much more than a simple email template though. You’ll be able to use offer letter templates, personalization tokens to populate specific details on compensation, payment periods and start date, and an optional eSignature field allows your candidates to provide a digital signature to formally sign and accept your offer.

Offer letters are now a new hiring step that work just like other customizable steps in the process. We’ve created a few templates to get you started, and encourage your team to create your own so your candidates can get excited to join your team. 


Key Offer Letter Features:

* Create and edit offer letter templates for a consistent offer experience

* Personalization tokens ensure an individualized message

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