Navigating Process and Policy Changes Related to COVID-19

In light of COVID-19, human resources (HR) professionals have a new mandate: Ensure the wellbeing of the workforce during the pandemic and help navigate the new normal.

But in an effort to protect the health and safety of workers and blunt the economic impact of COVID-19, company leaders and government legislators are creating new guidelines almost daily. The dynamic creates an unprecedented challenge for HR professionals, as they must react quickly to keep their organizations compliant while staying aligned with the changing needs of their workforce and business.

Here’s a snapshot of how the impact of COVID-19 varies greatly depending on the industry, geography, and workplace:

For HR professionals in essential businesses, such as healthcare facilities or grocery stores, a primary focus is workplace safety and instituting practices to keep workforces and the communities they serve safe in person-to-person, on-site interactions. 

At other companies, HR professionals are managing a fully remote workforce—and many are creating remote-work policies and assessing their legal implications for the first time. As companies start thinking about having these workers return to the office, HR professionals will have to align workplace safety with updated guidelines from numerous places, including government officials, the Centers for Disease Control

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