Name Format in SuccessFactors Employee Central

Name Format in SuccessFactors Employee Central

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Name Format in SuccessFactors Employee Central:

Name format is one of the cool features in SuccessFactors Employee Central which can be used to default “Formal Name” based on different available name related fields available in Personal information like First Name, Middle Name, Third Name, Last Name, Second Last Name, Birth Name, Initials, Prefix etc.

Name format can be associated with Legal Entity so that based on legal entity & configured name format (assigned at legal entity level) “Formal Name” is auto populated without any manual intervention.

This makes “Formal Name” field value “unique format” based on legal entity/country.

Let’s discuss the basic configuration steps for “Name Format” Configuration.

Step 1: Activate the functionality in Provisioning (Company Settings).

Step 2: Associate the Name format at “LegalEntity” object level by “Configure Object Definitions”

Step 3: Create Name Format through “Manage Data” or download SuccessFactors Pre-delivered Name Format from SuccessStore through “Import and Export Data”.

Sample Name Format First Name & Last Name (01)

Sample Name Format First Name, Middle Name & Last Name (02)

Sample SuccessStore Pre-Delivered Name Format.


Step 4: Assign Name Format at Legal Entity Level through “Manage Data”

For Australia we

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