My Top 5 Predictions for the Future of Work 2020

My Top 5 Predictions for the Future of Work 2020

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In 2020, the future of work has become one of the hottest topics in the tech industry. With AI, machine learning and chatbots drastically changing workplace norms, it’s an area that hits home for all of us and raises several compelling questions. 

How will technology change the way we work day-to-day? What types of robots or forms of AI will become our co-working norms? How will emerging tech change our current roles and career growth opportunities? And what are the changing expectations of the new generation of workers? 

The arrival of a new decade gives us fresh opportunity to reflect on the future of work. I think the opportunities for HR are endless — but here are my top 5 predictions for what we’ll see in the future of work 2020: 

1. The adoption of conversational user interface will accelerate in the workplace: At Oracle, we envision a world where employees can get their work done without ever needing to log in to their software – they can work entirely by voice or text. In 2020, we’ll see new advancements in digital assistants and chatbots that will make this future a reality. These technologies will create a conversational experience for

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