Moral Leadership in the Pandemic Age

Moral Leadership in the Pandemic Age

This article is co-authored by Dr. Tomas Chamorro-Premuzic and Dave Winsborough.


The business world is experiencing unprecedented levels of popular backlash against growing social and economic inequality, which the current pandemic seems to be intensifying. The COVID crisis has left millions of people in precarious health and financial conditions, with the more skilled segment of the labor market enjoying an unexpected and welcomed increase in work-life balance, keeping relatively productive while working from home, and a tiny group of Big Tech companies thriving.


Dave Winsborough is a psychologist and writer. He built NZ’s largest organizational psychology business, developed the HoganX innovation lab for Hogan Assessments and was one of the founders of Deeper Signals, a next-generation platform for professional development.

HR is no stranger to these issues, as the recent corporate reaction to the brutal killing of George Floyd has shown, with the majority of large corporations issuing press releases to affirm that “enough is enough”, and the subsequent boycotting of Facebook advertisement by many big brands. In turn, a flurry of articles and social media posts – many by prominent scientists and intellectuals – lamented the alarming rise of “cancel culture,” implying

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