Managing Your Workforce After The Coronavirus Pandemic

Managing Your Workforce After The Coronavirus Pandemic

Neil McCormick highlights a framework of initial questions leaders should be asking about their business post-COVID-19.

Will your workforce requirements post-COVID-19 change?

There is nothing like a crisis to trigger significant reform. The world is, rightly, focused on the COVID-19 Pandemic. The economies of many countries are in hibernation. “Uncharted Territory” describes where most businesses across the globe find themselves. One thing is for sure. When we all get past this disaster, the world will have changed. Companies will need to be agile to keep up with changing client demands and supply chains.

Many executives are in “lockdown” with time to contemplate what their business might look like in the future. Now is the perfect time to re-evaluate your business. Will everything be the same after COVID-19? Or, will you need to make substantial changes to your company? Way back in 2010, I wrote an article titled What’s the Objective?. The content of the material may add some value and give some additional points to ponder as business direction and objectives are decided.

Once decisions are made about the future of the business; any new business objectives, clients and markets, products and services, potential automation of

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