Lessons from a year of open feedback

“The biggest thing we have discovered is that you can’t treat the shift from anonymous feedback to open feedback as binary. You can’t just flick a switch.” – Michael Carden


Employee feedback is traditionally collected through anonymous surveys. A year ago we started working with a group of forward-thinking enterprises to trial open feedback. This is what we have learned.


Micro-actions make macro impacts


I met Arjun at one of our user sessions. He’d greeted me with a half smile before taking his seat at the back of the room, not quite looking me in the eye. After some coaxing, he explained that he was one of a huge team of developers at the insurance company. Of course. The beautiful space I was in had the feel of a hot startup, not a stuffy corporate office. Clearly a lot of thought had gone into designing an environment that would attract talent from the overheated developer marketplace.


Arjun then explained how the company’s employee feedback tool had worked out for him.


“We hot-desk and it’s first-in first-served. I drop my daughter off at daycare two days a week, and on those mornings

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