Learning Reimagined for the Digital Generation

Learning Reimagined for the Digital Generation

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By Debra Lilley, Associate Director, Accenture

Several years ago, I had the pleasure of working with a small group of young university graduates I hired to help build an analytics practice. One graduate in particular wanted to get involved in a data warehouse project and to help get him up to speed, I offered to “find a course”. By this, I meant sending him off to sit for hours in a room filled with desks and whiteboards. After all, that’s how I learned things when I was in my twenties.

He came back two days later announcing he’d already found and taken an online course and now had all the knowledge he needed to start the project. That wasn’t surprising: He soaked up new information like a sponge (I could barely keep up!) and just like his generational peers, he “self-learned” everything he needed to know. 

Learning reimagined

Welcome to the future of learning. Today, the classroom model, while not extinct, is fading fast in the business world. You no longer expect to sit through a course that takes forever to organize and always seems to be scheduled at the wrong time and place. It’s all been made possible by

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