The Internet Has Been Good To Me

The Internet Has Been Good To Me

I’m missing a tweet-up in Raleigh, tonight. I’m bummed. I have to work. By working, I mean that I have to go to another town and talk about some stuff. Then I get to have dinner with friends that I initially met through the internet.

Man, the internet is something else!

Back in the day, I thought the internet was going to change my life. I had a cat. He was cute. I had my own blog with a ton of traffic, too. I remember counting my social media followers and thinking THIS THING IS GOING TO CHANGE MY LIFE.

I was right. It did.

The internet has been good to me. I started a blog and ended up working on my writing skills. I earned a few readers and escaped my life as a boring HR lady while still working as an HR lady. That’s a two-for-one right there. The ultimate hustle, baby.

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