How to Monetize Your Blog in 2016

How to Monetize Your Blog in 2016

Here’s the model for monetizing your blog in 2016.

First, you need to write. Under your name. With the dot com. Anything else is a waste of time. If your domain isn’t available, bribe the hell out of the person who owns it.

Then you write. A lot. Like it’s your job.

Then you ask people to give you their email addresses so you can create a “newsletter strategy,” which is a method to spam people but in a professional mode. Your content in the newsletter should be different than content on your blog. It should hook readers into spamming their friends with your newsletter, and if you’re lucky, those friends will read your stuff and become evangelical zealots for you. (I use MailChimp.)

Read the whole post over at Laurie Ruettimann (an FOT contributor blog). 

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