Latest Job Board Launches

Latest Job Board Launches

Here’s a couple of new job boards that came across my desk recently…

Passion Placement LLC has announced the launch of its website,

The site, at its core, is a niche job board with a broad focus including paid positions as well as volunteer, internships and board seats for mission-based companies. In addition provides coaching for candidates and entrepreneurs and screening services for employers.

The primary focus of the site is to provide a platform for those seeking more meaningful work. The marketplace is changing due to the growing power of personal choice and demand for change being exercised by today’s consumers. Longstanding major market players are adapting as new mission-based companies absorb market share. This shift in the status quo opens more opportunities for people to participate in a more hopeful vision of the future.

This shift has become an exponential movement where people are adopting vegan products and lifestyles, to reduce and ultimately eliminate the needless suffering and exploitation of animals and looking for ways to participate in sustainable solutions through their work. was created in support of this evolution as a resource for people and like minded, mission-focused companies to connect. Job seekers

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