Key Recruitment Analytics & Statistics You Should Know

Key Recruitment Analytics & Statistics You Should Know
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Like anything else, the more you can measure, the better you can improve. Measurements and recruitment analytics give you specific insight into your recruitment process to better understand:

How effective your recruiting efforts are What stages of the process are lacking efficiency Where your recruitment budget is spent Areas that need improvement Areas where you should double down

In this post, we’re going to take a look at some key recruitment analytics that you should look at in order to improve and streamline your recruitment and hiring process.

Let’s get started.


Time to Fill Position

This is one of the most basic and foundational recruitment analytics that can help you understand exactly how long it’s taking to fill roles in your organization. 

Time to Fill is the time it takes between the day you post a position to the day person steps through the door. (Don’t confuse this with “Time to Hire”, though, which instead of beginning when the job listing goes up, it begins when the company begins communicating with the employee instead.)

While this number could be impacted by other variables such as coordinating schedules, setting up interviews, and more, it’s a good baseline

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