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Community Brands announced the launch of Career Planning Portal, a new hub of member-focused career planning resources, within its YM Careers solution. 

The new Career Planning Portal is the first of its kind in the association job board industry, transforming career centers from transactional websites where employers and job seekers connect, to dynamic career destinations where professionals research, plan and develop their careers based on data, trending and forecasting insights. Career Planning Portal is launching across all the nearly 3,000 YM Careers job boards and will help associations further drive member engagement, attract new members, and increase job board traffic and revenue.

“Many associations lack the resources to provide valuable niche career planning content to their industry’s professionals, and in doing so miss a critical opportunity to recruit, engage and retain members,” said Tristan Jordan, General Manager, YM Careers.  “The Career Planning Portal, integrated with YM Careers, delivers associations a turnkey way to offer this information to members and prospective members, and solidifies their role as the premier career growth resource for the professionals they serve.”

Today YM Careers powers nearly 3,000 niche association career centers, more than any other provider in the industry.


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