It’s Not Always Artificial: The Truth Behind AI

It’s Not Always Artificial: The Truth Behind AI

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How That “Chatbot” of Yours Might Be Exposing Data to Unauthorized People

The words “artificial intelligence” are thrown around a lot these days. However, there’s a growing number of supposed AI startups that actually have very little to do with the technology. Research conducted by MMC Ventures couldn’t find any evidence of artificial intelligence in 40 percent of European so called “AI” startups. And the vast majority —9 out of 10— are in the business market.

Moreover, even companies that are developing AI solutions often supplement it with remote workers. Workers that jump in whenever the machine fails to complete a task by itself.

There’s nothing wrong with mixing human and artificial intelligence to provide a superior product, in fact to a large degree that’s the future of work. The problem is when companies are not honest about it. As revealed by The Guardian in a recent investigative article, many don’t even bother to vet the people that will be looking at your data, instead they rely on contracting outsourced gig workers from third-party services like Amazon’s Mechanical Turk.

Here’s how it works: When their AI programs fail to understand or solve a problem, that task is sent to a

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