Internal Recruitment Benefits for Employers

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Recruitment is often boiled down to external recruiting. This means getting your job post on Google jobs, job boards, looking for connections on LinkedIn, seeking out candidates with social media recruiting, and more. However, there is another option to fill positions with candidates that already work in your organization: internal recruitment. 

According to a LinkedIn survey, 63 percent of recruiting and talent acquisition professionals believe that maximizing internal hiring & internal recruitment will make their hiring process faster and more efficient. 

Efficiency is just one of many reasons why we believe internal recruitment is imperative for all recruitment strategies.

Internal recruitment has a number of advantages and benefits beyond efficiency. Let’s take a look.

Internal Recruitment Promotes Loyalty & Longevity

Think about how you would recruit an external candidate. You often use company culture & growth opportunities to attract candidates. They can then envision how they can make a career in your organization.

41 percent of employees stay longer at companies that regularly utilize internal recruitment & hire from within

But, if you never hire from within or promote employees to the next level, you’re not following through.

Employees are paying attention to this; 41 percent of employees stay longer

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