Inside My Latest Launch

Inside My Latest Launch

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A few weeks ago I launched my latest endeavor, a freelance job marketplace called HR Lancers. It is an open marketplace designed to be the ‘Upwork for HR‘ by allowing freelance HR pros and independent recruiters and sourcers to find contract, remote and project based work. All with little to no fees unlike the major freelance sites.

In the first month alone the site received over 5,000 visitors.

January Stats

I think I hit a nerve with this niche. The announcement received an amazing social media response – my personal post to LinkedIn received over 4,000 views and hundreds of freelancers have signed up. The site is even making money already. Comments from my industry peers tell me its a smart move and several of them actually thanked me for launching it.

For a number of months leading up to the January launch I had been noticing the number of recruiters and HR people on social media who were launching freelance careers. I kept seeing jobs from Upwork appear on Google for Jobs results. And since freelancing is a major part of the workforce today I put 2 and 2 together I theorized that HR needs its own freelance platform.

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