In Good Company: The Future of Healthcare

In Good Company: The Future of Healthcare

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Healthcare continues to be an evolving industry with rapid regulatory changes, a shifting patient population, and the never-ending pressure to reduce costs. In the meantime, competitors are leveraging technology and new care models to innovate like never before. How can healthcare leaders learn to do more—improve patient outcomes and satisfaction—with less?

In this episode of In Good Company, Viktor Reznicek, principal, enterprise solutions at KPMG, provides his insights on the future of the industry and on how healthcare organizations can continue to adapt and thrive through change.  

In this episode:

Challenges Impacting the Future of the Healthcare Industry

Drivers of Increasing Healthcare Costs

Improving Patient Satisfaction Through Preventative and Accessible Care

Technology Solutions to Support Clinicians and Patients

Emerging Technology Solutions for the Healthcare Industry

Improving Supply Chain Operations

How Mergers and Acquisitions Are Influencing the Future of the Industry

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