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Top 3 Tips to Redefine HR Technology 2020

Half of 2020 is gone. But why am I still talking about it? That’s because we never expected something like COVID-19 that has hit us hard since the beginning of this year. HR professionals are now wondering which can be the best decisions to be taken by the HR teams. As the marketing head of […]

How to Encrypt Files and Folders on Windows 10 through EFS Encryption?

You can use Encryption File System with BitLocker if you would like to encrypt your folders and files. EFS is utilized to encrypt folders and files, and BitLocker is utilized to encrypt the whole disk. So, here are the instructions given below.

Dice Launches Recruiter Profile for Employer Visibility, Transparency – HCM Technology Report

Dice launched a Recruiter Profile to “bring transparency” to tech’s career management process. It helps showcase recruiters, too.

New HireRight Service Offers Continuous, Post-Hire Monitoring – HCM Technology Report

HireRight offers continuous monitoring service to alert employers of worker arrests, part of a slowly going trend among background-check firms.

Degreed Raises $32 Million to Advance Career Mobility Roadmap – HCM Technology Report

Degreed raised $32 million and reported rising demand for its social learning solutions and interest in career mobility tools.

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Remote Teams Need Active Management to Remain Cohesive – HCM Technology Report

Remote work can erode trust, social cohesion and communication. That’s why employers must actively manage to maintain successful remote team dynamics.

Employers Examine Passive Monitoring; Workers Hesitate – HCM Technology Report

HR expects to use more passive monitoring post-pandemic, but acknowledges that employee discomfort with “being watched” will put a brake on its adoption.

How to Create an Employee Handbook

By Alissa Penney, A Better HR Your company is growing. Things are really taking off and you’re ready to add employees to your team to help take your company to the next level. As exciting as that is, there are a lot of complications that come from growing. You already know what to expect in […]

Roundup: PeopleFluent Enhances Platform; Adds Touchless Tracking – HCM Technology Report

This week in HR technology: PeopleFluent rolls out its new platform, Salesforce’s adds touchless tracking tool, and more.

Replay of Laurie Ruettimann’s Career Advice Hangout

Last week we had the pleasure of hosting our latest meetup with Laurie Ruettimann the popular HR writer/speaker/podcaster. She talked for an hour about how she makes a living in the HR world and dished out some great tips and tactics for any freelancer. Visit her website. One of the attendees calle

New Addison Report Points to Use of More Freelancers

For its latest study, Is Remote Hiring the New Normal? A look at how the coronavirus

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