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Women stay in jobs longer than they should

Women can feel more loyalty to companies, and more guilt when they leave. But staying with one job for too long could cost you a lot of money.

When Can You Discipline an Employee For What They Write Online?

I was fortunate last week to spend time in Denver with my buddies on the AGC (Associated General Contractors) National Safety Committee. We had a good discussion on safety …

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A Good Relationship With A Supervisor Bolsters Job Satisfaction

Employees list having a positive relationship with their manager a key to high job satisfaction in almost every job satisfaction survey. Building supportive and understanding relationships with management keeps employees more engaged.

LinkedIn is Becoming More Like Facebook, Facebook More Like LinkedIn

Facebook started as the personal page for students of American colleges. LinkedIn started as the professional page for their parents. With market caps of $58.78 billion and $19.97 billion, respectively, it is clear that both Facebook and LinkedIn have a come a long way over the last 8-9 years. But what have they become?

Save wants your backfill

I met up with some execs recently and asked them to do a quick interview for my readers about their job search engine and its backfill opportunities. Check it out.

Poor Work-Life Balance? This Exercise Will Help

Achieving work-life balance is important to being happy and feeling fulfilled in life; unfortunately, many people do not really know how to make that possible. It can be hard to juggle workplace res…

Reshaping Your Front-line Staff with Employee Assessments

Implementing employee assessments into your organization can be a long term strategy to reshape your workforce.

Office Workers Line Up Animal Bodies With the Heads of Colleagues

London-base advertising creative Mike Whiteside of Mike and Ben has created Desk Safari, a Tumblr blog where bored office workers line up image of animal bodies on the computer monitor with the a …

HRExaminer v4.26

In our feature, Thinking the Unthinkable, John Sumser writes: The C Suite is going to hunt for and embrace data visualization companies who can help see what we’ve refused to see: HR builds processes that emphasize sameness. The business requires processes that produce differences. It’s actually that simple. Steve Smith from The Starr Conspiracy searches […]

Old is New Again: Effective Brochure, Flyer Elements

Over the last 90 days or so, I have had several clients and prospects who want to have conversations around refreshing the collateral and brochures that they hand out to candidates. In this digital age, it made me think. Was what was once an old school approach getting attention again?

Use behavioral interviewing to gauge soft skills

It’s important for HR to persuade hiring managers that standard behavioral interview questions are crucial for gauging candidates’ soft skills, Amanda Papini writes. One way to do this is to conduct post-hire analyses showing how candidates’ responses hinted at their future performance, she writes.

Is a Candidate’s Profile Picture Worth a Thousand Words?

Todays employers are faced with a growing dilemma: Whether or not to use social media to screen job candidates. The information you find on someone’s social media profile has the potential to make a profound impact on your hiring decision – whether it’s negative or positive. If youu’re like many employers, yyou might be conflicted […]

Introduction To Scrum: A Beginner’s Guide For Non-Technical Teams

Recently I had an opportunity to participate in a two-day training program on Scrum. This post is a summary of how I feel the principals can apply to non-technical teams.

mediation training center

The present economic recession has brought a lot of employers to either lay off their employee or just closed shops. Thus an increase in the number of labor disputes has become widespread