HR Trends in a COVID-19 World

More than three months have passed since the early days of March when the World Health Organization characterized COVID-19 as a global pandemic. Truth be told, 2020 has been a strange year, and whatever we thought was going to happen (i.e., our original HR trends predictions for 2020) seems to have gone out the window. Since the year began, we have all experienced a profound shift on a number of important levels – societal, familial and, as we will focus on in this article, professional.

To put it plainly, the way we work is rapidly changing, and it appears that there is no going back.

With the pandemic acting as catalyst for a global HR reset, HCM leaders and executives have been forced to rethink the future of work. From the tactics we employ to source and onboard our post-pandemic workforce, to the sudden primacy of dispersed teams and remote work, the trends that we are currently experiencing – and the ones we expect to soon take hold – will likely have a lasting impact on strategic HR for years to come. In this article, we will take a look at the challenges and trends that many of our 650

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