H&R Block and Workday: The Power of Partnership

Every year, industry analysts gather at the Workday Innovation Summit to hear about our company’s latest product innovations and to gain insights from our customers. Due to the pandemic, the event looked a little different this year with it being completely virtual. However, that didn’t slow down my excitement to host a keynote session with our customer, H&R Block. 

I chatted with Alan Lowden, CIO at H&R Block, about their experience partnering with Workday and how they’re enabling business continuity through a global crisis. Excerpts from our conversation are below.

Can you give a little background on H&R Block?

H&R Block has been a trusted company for tax preparation since 1955, and during that time we have prepared more than 800 million tax returns. We have 10,000 retail offices across the U.S., with an office in every congressional district. Especially in some of our small-town locations, our tax pros comprise the fabric of that community and are an important advisor to local small businesses.

In addition to the retail tax office setting we are known for, we have an award-winning, do-it-yourself online tax service, a suite of financial products to help consumers manage their cash, and we serve the small

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